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Bikes in Chiang Mai

The bikes in Chiang mai are, like most cities in Thailand, small cc scooters and step-thru's. However, owing to Chiang Mai's geographical position in Thailand off-road bikes are quite common to see as well. Some large cc superbikes are also evident. Plenty of 'grey-import' big bikes found their way to Chiang Mai and, so far, the police tend to turn a blind-eye to bikes with no-number-plates or papers.

As with other towns and cities in Thailand there are plenty of small cc bike shops like Honda, Yamaha and kawasaki. Otherwise they usually have to order them in from Bangkok.

Small bike shops and mechanics galore in Chiang Mai. Unless you are outside the city you won't be too far from one (usually).

Big bike shops are more common to this city and are patroned quite well by the big bikers.

Big Bike Shops in Chiang Mai

Yamaha bike shop on Huay Gaew road, just as you leave the moat road, have a glut of brand new big bikes. R1, R6, Fazer and XJS 1300 are available. The prices are top dollar to go with the exclusive nature of owning a sports/big bike in Thailand.


At the last check they were after upwards of 650,000 baht for an R1. This astromomical price does get you a fully legit bike with papers and plates though.

Triumph have also rolled up their sleeves and joined the big bike scene in Chiang Mai (2007). Their small bike shop is on Nimmanhaemin road (just off Huay Gaew). A good selection of bikes are there including the Daytona 595. Their prices are roughly equal to Yamaha's.

Honda have no official big bike shops in Chiang Mai. However an independent outlet does specialise in big bikes including Honda. He's located on Mahidol Road, just south of the moat road where it runs northwards (SW of city center). This place also stocks some of the best biker gear, including the 'experimental' air-vest/jacket and arai helmets.

Big Bike in Chiang Mai CBR 1200

Bike Accessory Shops in Chiang Mai

Fast Corner

There are two places for decent biker kit in Chiang Mai that we know of. The first is place called Fast Corner in Pantip Plaza. On the first floor of Pantip Plaza you'll find it near the doorway. Here there's plenty of biker kit which includes imported helmets, gloves jackets and boots. Some Air Filters for CBR 150s are in here too.

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