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Chiang Mai Massage

Chiang Mai might not be the largest city of Thailand but as the capital of the north it has a good number of massage shops, parlours and a few massage entertainment complexes to choose from.

Courses in Thai Massage are available in Chiang Mai. Additionally there are some that teach Oil Massage as well. Click here to learn more.

Thai Massage - This type of massage manipulates the joints, muscles and nerve-points all over the body using the fingertips and thumbs.
It is not usually pleasant nor something for everyone. An aquired sensation of having the flesh pummelled is one way thai massage has been described.
On rare occasions inexperienced massage folk to have accidently dislocated joints.
The typical price for thai massage in Chiang Mai is 250 - 400 baht and is usually the cheapest full-body massage available.

Oil Massage - The more 'pleasant' and relaxing type of massage using lotions and massage oil. Here the swedish-style kneading and pressing of the flesh and muscle is done instead.
The typical price for an oil massage in Chiang Mai is 300 - 600 baht. It's the more expensive of the two 'mainstay' massages typically due to the cost of the oil and the more 'intimate' style of the massage.

Spa Treatment - Here the rose petals and goats milk comes into play. Taking the parlour to a new level the surroundings and sensual nature of the massage is refined into an art form. At least that is the goal of the Massage Spa. The ladies who tend to perform massage at a spa may be slightly older than other massage girls, this due to being more experienced and (some say) more skillful in massage. Prices at a spa in Thailand are generally equal to or slightly more than you would normally pay at a parlour. Chiang Mai has a decent number of these places scattered around.

Things to know:

Massage Shops - These tend to be non-private places for foot massage, head massage and thai massage. A thin linen sheet or bamboo wall is usually all that divides you from another customer being massage next to you. You tend to see these everywhere in major tourist city's with people being massaged though clear glass fronted windows.

Massage Parlours - The more private massage shop with a reception area, 'fish tank' and proper rooms. All of the above massage types are offered as well as oil massage. Aroma massage is often available here (a more expensive version of the oil massage).

Chiang Mai Massage

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