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Silom District

Silom is sometimes considered the 'second' sukhumvit of Bangok, but the truth is that where Sukhumvit is a long stretch of road with bar, shopping and entertainment areas reaching far and wide Silom is different.
Silom is much more condensed, with the road stretches being wider, stradling Patpong, Surawong Road to the north and Sathorn Road to the south.

Indeed historically Siloms night-scene (which the day scene followed) sprung up just prior to Nana Plaza did and at about the same time as Soi Cowboy.

MRT and BTS access allows vast influxes of passengers, both tourist and Thai alike through the day and into the night.

These sections include a large swatch of interesting, intriguing and fun places. Llisted below are just a few of these places...


The First place you'll often come to in Silom. By day not much goes on here. The nightspots will be either shut or lazily recovering from the night before. The roads which are normally chock-a-block with market vendors flogging their wares are gone mostly. In there place are wagons, pick-ups and cars which constantly shuttle through here. Delivering consignment after consignment of beer and alcholol, they prepare for another nights debauchery and carousing.


The north part of Patpong's boundary is Surawong road which cuts along west to east. Here are some areas worth looking around at which aren't quite part of Patpongs sleaze.

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