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Bangkok Metro - MRT

Construction began on the Bangkok Metro back in 1996. Delays held back production right from the start. Then in 1997 the economic crash put a spanner in the works. As if this was not enough the terrain that Bangkok sits on is waterlogged soil and was a civil engineering endevour that proved to be a real challenge.
With the MRT project being underground, traffic disruption was much less than that of the BTS though.

By 2004 though the project was complete and the denizens of Bangkok had a second mass transit to call upon.

The Trains themselves are spotless and a superior chill of air-con keeps the interior carriages sterile and near-odourless. The BTS, while it also has air-con fitted, cannot match the MRTs system. That said the MRT is underground and not in the suns fiery glare all day.

Like the BTS, extension work is in the pipeline (literally) for spreading out further into the greater Bangkok area.

The underground stations are all well laid out and clean. Some of them though are strangely deserted with one or two open business premises surrounded by derelict and abandoned ones.
Bored Thai vendors sit reading or bored with no customers around indifferent to it all. It's a surreal place when you notice this.

Security used to be friendly and laid-back, now, with the so-called war-on-terror effect they want to check (briefly) any bags, camera operation is forbidden, as are shades and hats. Sitting down, strangely enough, is also forbidden, presumably to deter beggars.

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