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Miss Puke Massage Shop

Miss Puke Massage


Inside Miss Puke Massage

From the outside Miss Puke's is somewhat 'mixed' in with three other massage shops. On the one side is Marble Massage and on the other is Assay Massage. This creates the effect of them all being one big massage complex. Yet they are all separate as far as I can tell. The name 'Miss Puke' conjur's up negative thoughts, yet in Thailand I figured that such stereotypes should be humoured, if only for research purpose...

Miss Puke

Three Thai women were sat outside and I made what I reckoned was the best choice of the bunch, young 20s and fresh-faced. One of the other two was a Katoey, while inside there was one lounging about as well. The girl I picked was youthfully attractive but inexperienced as I was later to learn.

Miss Puke Massage Entrance

Inside it was clean. Dark grey speckled tiles gleamed. The cream walls had seen better days.
Foot massage seats on the right and the reception on the left. Nice decor, but decor isn't what makes the massage. I ask for a Thai Massage which is 300 baht for one hour. Observing the price list I notice that Miss Puke's offers wide services, yet pricier than the average. A music station was set-up but nothing was being played over any speakers in the shop, upstairs or downstairs.

Miss Puke Massage Prices

This being a mid-range massage shop I'm asked to put on flip-flops. Yet not before the massage girl has brought over a foot bath. I wash my feet in it. No water or tea is offered, but I ask and she brings some up with us to the next level. Here the teak decor comes out along with some old-school Thai massage booths.

Only one booth looks to be occupied and accordingly she heads over to the opposite end. The massage booths are divided by wicker curtains on the sides, the wall and a thick curtain at the entrance. A toilet (but no shower) is at the end of the room. There's another set of stairs going to the next floor. I'm guessing that's where the oil massage goes on. It's highly likely to be the same set-up as the first floor with no private shower or room.

Miss Puke Massage Bed

I get changed into the massage pajama's and just have time to get some pictures of the booth before she's back again. Laying down the bed is quick thick, but not solid.

The massage itself from this one was fairly knowledgable and forthright initially, but inexperience soon drifted in.
She was not hefty lady, being slender but had finger joints that were like dowels of iron. Countless times I had to tell her to either ease off, or stop entirely for a moment. This is the first time (out of many massages) that I've actually developed foot and leg cramp during a massage. Whether she was doing something in the wrong order I couldn't tell, yet when she reached my right limb it was a pretty grim moment.

Miss Puke Massage Bed

On the spine she seemed to do ok, but several points were painful. I've not had this before so have to assume it's the shoddy technique of her. Perhaps she's used to obese farang who need over-excertion? Either way I was soon relishing the thought of the one-hour being up to leave Miss Puke's before any notion's of Miss Puke's namesake came about.

As the moment of the massage ending the girl's hand 'darted' out like a snake with the palm outstretched. Did she want some skin and a rasta handshake?
She expected, practically demanded a tip while I was still prone. Did she think I kept money stashing inside these pajama's? I explained to her, as best I could in Thai, that she wouldn't be getting one when I wasn't dressed and certainly not if acted like farang were ATM's.
There would indeed be one of course, but with her sudden change in attitude it would not be what I'd originally intended. She mooched off and I was glad to be away from the minx. Making some last pictures I dressed and headed down to the reception floor.

Miss Puke Massage Corridor

Downstairs a cashier had appeared (there wasn't one at the desk when I arrived), she was a fine looking Thai woman, better looking than any of the others. I paid the 300 baht bill to her. Some tea was waiting on a side-table and I took a seat next to it. My massage girl was smiling with fake notions of friendly vibes, but at least she'd made the tea, possibly as an overture about the tips.

Miss Pukes Massage Downstairs

As I left the door I gave her an ok tip. Not one I'd return to in a hurry.

Massage Rating - 6.5 out of 10.

Massage Quality / Style: Just about got Skill Quality, Rough fingers may not appeal to all, nausea vibes from staff.

Pros - Shopping and Amenities Area, Wide variety of services, Decor

Cons - Pricey, profit-orientated, no private rooms or showers.

Massage Prices:

Foot Massage 1 hour 300 baht.

Thai Massage 1 hours 300 baht.

Back and Shoulder 1 hour 300 baht.

Oil Massage 1 hours 600 baht.

Oil Massage 2 hours 1000 baht.

Aromatherapy 1 hour 800 baht.

Aromatherapy 2 hours 1500 baht.

Facial Massage 1 hour 500 - 800 baht.

Open from 1100 - 2300

Outcall service - Not Known.

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