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Bangkok Survival Guide

Bangkok Lifestyle

To understand the way expats operate and life in this city you need to look at it from what the city is and what it does. For the most part expats here usually are more successful.

As one expat put to us ' Expats in Bangkok can be often the party-animals like you get in Phuket, but they've normally got a brain and know how to use it in businesss.'
Bangkok is not the sort of city that is very forgiving or takes prisoners. The vices in Bangkok are legion and the 'work hard, play hard' mentality is evident. An arrogant sneerish attitude is shown, from what we've seen, from the 'upper echelons' of the farang expats here.

For all that there's plenty of other things to do in bangkok to keep yourself occupied. If you haven't got a hobby and have plenty of time on your hands it's often advisable to take up one. Going to the gym, sports centre or having a past-time that occupy's you in the daylight hours is a winner in the long run. It'll keep you focused and dialed-in to yourself. What we've seen too much of are guys that come to Thailand then, after the bars and women have lost their lustre, they turn to drink and get all bitter and twisted about Thailand etc.

They don't seem to realise that you if you're out drinking and womanising day-in-day-out, it's gonna cost you big time in the long-run. Cash seems like monopoly money out here at first. The primary western currency's buy you plenty of thai baht and the cheap living can create and illusion of perpetual wealth. That wealth will run out if you don't budget your money and have a gameplan on replenishing it.

A Place to Stay in Bangkok.

One of the first things that will set you apart from the tourist masses is having a nice apartment to stay in. Hotels might be king if you like super-expensive rooms day-by-day, but if you want to live long-term and see outside the tourist zone then an Apartment or Condominum in Bangkok is key.

Usually these are rentable from one month upwards. Some will want you to rent or even lease a room for longer. This is why it's important to do your research and check what price works for you along with the location etc.

The main advantage of Bangkok is that there is a wide variety of choice for where to stay. The facilities, in general are normally superior and also internet service is substantial.

The main points to look for are:

Parking for a bike or car. The former is a given and the latter is commonplace.
Security guard and cameras. Just the presence of one is a bonus, it show the owner has invested in piece of mind and discouraging criminals.
Keyless entry for lobby area.
A Lift. This may seem lazy to the fitness fanatics but it gives you an important option if you live on the 10th floor!
In a decent price range. By decent you want somewhere that isn't breaking the bank, nor is so cheap that you'll be kept awake by the local cockroach populations. Think upwards of 6,000 baht per month.
They provides Bedding and towels. Do you really want to have to make a shopping trip *just* for sheets, pillows etc?

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