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Bangkok Skyscraper

The Streets of Bangkok are a sight to behold. They can vary from place to place depending on where in the Thai Capital you choose to roam.

The most recognisible and spoken of location is the tourist ghetto of Sukhumvit Road.

Sukhumvit Streets


The vibe here is one of materialism, desire and city heat.

Starting just east of Siam Square it is among the longest street and the most infamous.

The bars, inpromptu shopping lanes and nightlife spill out onto here. A hundred-thousand storys and tales converge as just another night in Bangkok begins...

Chinatown Streets

It's a different beat here as in Chinatown it's all about the business, money and activity. Busy in the morning, busy through the day. At night-fall it's a more low-key style to what goes on down-town Chinatown...

Patpong Streets

There's no hidding what goes on in this steamy-side of Bangkok. The scene here is hustle and bustle with wares for sale, girls up for action and nightclubs here and there. If crowds are your thing then you're in the right streets here...

Silom Streets

While Patpong is well-known for it's part in the night scene, less know that Silom is also a popular nightspot and happening scene...

Lady's of the Street.

Thai women are around in Bangkok, make no mistake, there's no avoiding them. Johnny Bravo investigates...

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