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Panthip Plaza

The premier place for computing, games and accessories can be found in Panthip Plaza. It's the largest and most influencial IT Shopping Mall in Thailand. Pretty much everything tends to come through here and be ordered.

In the heart of Bangkoks Ratchathewi District is this bastion of IT and hardware. Five floors of stores crammed with goods. The cheapness and availability of even the priciest games and utility software has led to several raids and clampdowns amid claims of software piracy in Panthip.

However as this is Thailand within a week or so, everything's back to normal and the protests from the big corporations who hate cheap pirated goods resume.

Several hundred smaller stores are found throughout Pantip Plaza.

Pantip Plaza Layout

Ground Floor - Mostly computer desktops and featured items in the central area. You pay the most here but get the latest. Also here are plenty of mobile phone stalls, miscellaneous electric goods like fans, torches and nick-nacks.

Often there's a promotion going on with dancing girls or a duo of women with microphones who chatter away in thai like a pair of dueling song-birds.

The Second Floor - IT Hardware, PC's, Laptops and DVD's (porn vendors will hassle you at the escalator)

The Third Floor -

The Fourth Floor -

The Fifth Floor -

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