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Where to Stay in Bangkok?

Bangkok is probably one of the most hotel orientated city's in South-East Asia. You will find no other place in Thailand that has a wider variety of accommodation to choose from. For the convenient, one or two weeker down to the one-day wonder stay Bangkok's hotels are nicely spread out and easy to get to for the most part.

From the plush and ultra-elite Shangri-La on the Chao Phraya River to the opulent Hotel Roads of Sukhumvit and Silom to the more down and dirty budget hotels in Koh San Road.

Bangkok has all types of hotels..

Yet the ultra-cheap hotels of old that drew in the Backpackers in their hordes are gone now for the most part. More and more hotels that are orientated to the 'family' unit now dominate the main-tourist areas.
A far cry from it's more rough and tumble genesis in the heady days of the Vietnam War where GIs in their thousands would stay in Bangkok for it's generous and welcoming R and R facilities...

Places like the Grace Hotel, The Honey Hotel, Nana Hotel and many others rocked and rolled to the steamy-times...

Then during the boomtown 1980s Bangkok saw a new wave of backpackers that made Koh San Road what it is.

Twenty years plus and it's all change again here in Bangkok. Some say the 'magic' of staying here has gone, with the dearth of budget hotels and a swarm of mid-to-upper tier hotels remaining in their wake.

There's still some of the 'old-school' hotels left in Bangkok and these are covered below along with the rest.

To browse the hotels see below for more information.

The Hotels of Bangkok Areas

Chao Phraya River Hotels
Sukhumvit Road Hotels
Silom Road Hotels
Chao Phraya River Hotels


Other Area's of Bangkok for Hotels...

Petchaburi Road

Prince Hotel Entrance

Prince Hotel


Honey Hotel

Honey Hotel - Soi 19

Nana Hotel - Soi 3

Map of Old Bangkok

Central Bangkok

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