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Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is a bustling daytime market, it's not really a big tourist market trap like Sukumvit or to a lesser extent Chinatown and the place is more Thai-orientated.

Located just south of Chatuchak Park (on it's southern tip). The entrance isn't really an entrance at all. There are several area's to access the market. This is one of them.

Market Entrance Chatuchak

Before you go in though, take a look at the roofing area and surroundings. Depending on what time of day you go here be prepared to cook a little. The tropical heat pounds on down here and the roofs just add to the smothering effect.

Chatuchak Rooftops and Area

Combined with the crowds all around you it can get to be quite a squeeze! Once inside the market proper you'll see how narrow it is. There is just about room for about three Thai's to pass, which means for you and I it'll be a bit of a squeeze when you have to pass someone!

Market Crowds

More crowd effect here, some other areas will be quieter than others.

Market Crowds

The clothing stalls here are numerous indeed. You'll find them closer to the southern fringers. If you need to find something it's a process of trial and error. There are about twenty rows of stalls each of which are about the length of football pitch!

Market Clothes

There's this really neat camera stall set-up not far from the entrance. Some very old-school camera's in mint condition. They all work but prepare for a hefty price if you want to buy one.

Market Camera Wares

Keep pressing on and you'll reach this central mini-plaza area. Some food and drinks stalls are here if you need refreshments...

Chatuchak Plaza

Keep an eye out for this dog, it's quite a character!

Market Dog!

Getting to Chatuchak Market

Market Map Chatuchak

You can get to Chatuchak Market via Chit Lom BTS (Skytrain) heading northwards from Siam Square BTS.

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