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For the latest, newest and meanest of the big bikes in Thailand you have to go to Bangkok. There are places tucked away in other areas of Thailand that sell big bikes, but they tend to be the older models. Bangkok is the first place that gets the big bikes and also the place that most of Thailands bikes are registered.

Aside from the main big bike dealers of big bikes such as Honda and Yamaha there is also a reputable independent big bike specialist to choose from. Instead of having separate sources specific bikes at Honda or Yamaha. With the independent dealer of big bikes you have more of a variety of big bike to choose from.

Red Baron Bangkok

Almost anyone who rides a big bike in Thailand has heard of these guys. Set up in the 1990s on the north-eastern side of the Bangkok they have built up an impressive reputation as being among the few true big bike specialists in Thailand. Having visited Red Baron we found them to be very professional and helpful.
The only drawback is that they charge near-excessive prices for their bikes, but for all that you are always getting a bike that has been inspected, prepped and revamped to showroom condition. As a rule no bikes in poor condition or of questionable registration are touched by these guys. All their bikes are legit. In Thailand this standard of big bike dealership is second-to-none and they know it. They won't even allow photographs to be taken inside of the showroom itself of their bikes.
We enquired about this and learned that rival big bike sellers would try and photograph a Red Baron Bike and pass off a simlar model they were selling as their own so as to bump up the re-sale value!

Red Baron Workshop

Their Workshop is first-rate.

Inside is the fully stocked warehouse. Most big bike dealers in Thailand have to scavange and order in parts from Japan, we don't think Red Baron would have that same problem!

Red Baron Int.

On this picture (taken from their website) you can see an equipment area which sells bike armour, a few helmets and other accessories.

Address: 78 Ramkahmhaeng Rd, Saphansoong, Bangkok.

Visit Red Baron Website here.

The Paddock

The Paddock is a biking equipment specialist. They have a large variety of genuine import helmets, jackets, boots and gloves. Considered by some to be a shrewd outfit but knowledgeable about their wares. An african grey parrot (friendly) and a brooding dog (not so friendly) live here!
We'd say a good choice for specialised, high-end equipment.

Visit The Paddock Website here.

Address: Asoke, Bangkok

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