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Ayutthaya is a fairly well known city to outsiders. It has roots going back many hundreds of years. In times of old, before bangkok was even a village, it served as the capital and was considered the finest city in Asia by many foreign travellers. The temples and buildings were indeed magnificant and many considered it surpassing most western capitals at the time. The Burmese came in the 18th century and stormed Ayutthaya after a lengthy and dramatic siege. So complete was the sacking and destruction that the Thais moved the capital south to Bangkok to continue Thailands legacy there...

Nowadays the city is a major tourist attraction. The magnificant temples still stand and give an idea of their former glory.

The city, being close to Bangkok see's fast-moving traffic going to and fro each day and an expat presence is here also.

Ayutthaya Facts

Founded: 1351 circa A.D

Population: 120,000 (Approx)

Size (Metropolitan): 8 Sq. Miles

Distance from Capital by Air: 45 miles

Distance from Capital by Road: 50 miles

 Getting to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Map

Head north from Bangkok and get onto Highway 32, follow the signs into Ayutthaya city centre.

Seasons and Weather.

The south-centrally located Ayutthaya is a fairy hot and humid city. The wettest part of the year is normally September and the coldest is usually December and January.

Cool Season - October to February. Avg Temp - 24 C

Hot Season - March to May. Avg Temp - 31 C

Wet Season - June to September. Avg Temp - 28 C.



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