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We might be feeling alive and on the move while touring, but sooner or later you'll tire and need to ease back on the throttle and find some shelter. Although excessively mooching about indoors is bad for the health even the most immortally-minded of us need to recharge our battery's.

Thailand is perhaps blessed with a fine range of places to stay at reasonable prices. From a humble tin shack in the middle of the jungle to a the ivory towers and vast living complexes in a vibrant city.

Housing Estate / Moo Ban

Living in a house is the 'mainstream' option for expats with a family. A house requires maintenance and garden upkeep, and in many cases, live-in staff. More staff may be required than when living in an apartment so you might consider a gardener and/or security guard. They cost a lot more than anything else (city center locations excluded) unless you get one built from scratch. Buying a house is not something that we recommend and certainly not if you are excluded as the owner on the deeds, which 9 times out of 10 is often the case with expats in Thailand.

Housing Estate / Moo Ban

So-called Moo bans (villages) are fairly popular among expatriates. Located on the city's outskirts, living in this housing estate-like accommodation is a good alternative to living in a city apartment. With shared facilities like tennis courts and swimming pools, moo bans emanate a community feel. As streets are generally quiet, families with children like to live in this type of housing, but commuting can take up considerable time though.

Apartment Tower Block / Apartment

The modern high-rise apartment, often dominating city or town center they are a brilliant answer to sprawling suburbs and land wastage. Single expats like to stay in apartments, because they find everything they need there and they tend to be close to the action side of things in any city or town. Readily available maintenance or repair services, 24-hour security, and often amenities including gym, pool, garden and children play area. Apartment blocks vary a lot according to style, location, quality and facilities, as well as of course price. Apartments can be let furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished. Noisy neighbors can be a problem though.

Entry-level (roughly about 3000 - 5000 baht per month)

Apartments Thailand - Entry Level

Entry level to Mid-range. Expect more facilities with this, WiFi or wired internet should be available. Prices will be in the 5,000 to 10,000 baht range typically.

Apartments Thailand - Low-Mid Range

Mid-level to High End Apartment building


A level of service similar to apartments is provided with condominiums, the only major difference being individual ownership. Therefore, interior design and facilities will vary within the same building. Again, condominiums can be let furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished.


Townhouses offer another style of living. Typically tucked away in the sub-soi's, townhouses are usually less expensive than apartments, often multi-level with small garden areas.

Serviced Apartment

Whether you are traveling to Bangkok on vacation or for business, serviced apartments are an excellent alternative to hotels, more affordable than a hotel room and allow living without the hassle of utility connections, furniture purchase, or sorting out maid services, long-term leases or high rental deposits. They also provide the perfect solution to times when you are in between homes.


Sheraton Hotel Bangkok

You all know what one is, convenient, grandiose and usually very comfortable and catering to short stay guests. On a long-term basis Hotels are too expensive for all but the richest expats.

These are a key mainstay in Bangkok, Thailand's capital for the tourist and business industry. Other city's in Thailand make use of them as well of course.


The digs that usually have the cosy, down-at-home feel. Low-key and usually cheaper than hotels. They can be a good alternative where apartments are in short supply or you are just passing through a town or city for the night.

Maisonette Flats / Shacks

Pretty much the bottom of the barrel for accommodation in Thailand, some may call this an apartment but in reality it's Thailands answer to a council estate flat. Usually very affordable and very basic. It is not unknown for a top-end car to be parked outside one of these humble dwellings as some thais really don't mind the aesthetic shortcomings as long as the intertior is nice and clean!
Cutting it even more to bargain basement levels is the humble shack. Usually located in poorer areas the shack tends to be lacking in much security but the monthly rent is usually in the sub-1000 baht range!


Thailands a big place and rivals the size of france, explore the map below to see what Thailand has to offer the roaming farang!

 Map of South East Asia Nakhon Sawan Chiang Mai Province Phitsanulok Bangkok Pattaya Chumpon Hua Hin Ayutthyaya Koh Tao Koh Pang Yan Koh Samui Udon Thani Province Khon Kean Ubon Ratchathani Phuket Chiang Rai Mae Sai Nong Khai Ranong Cambodia Laos Vietnam Vietnam Kamphaeng Pet

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