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ATVs in Thailand

Combining the stability and grip of a car with the features of a motor bike they can make an excellent offroad vehicle while suitable for normal roads and streets.
They are not without shortcomings though, one main one being that, for the size of the ATV they take up a huge chunk of space when parking(compared with a bike) and the lack of luggage capacity (compared with a car). In addition they are poor at cornering compared with cars (steering wheel can transfer the cornering strain easily) and bikes (can lean and drift around with ease).
They are something of a novelty and leisure machine out on the Gulf Islands and have a draw with the tourist crowds.
ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles are not in wide elsewhere in Thailand but are used heavily on islands such as Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Some towns and cities in the north of Thailand also feature them.

Types of ATV in Thailand

Battery Powered ATV

ATV Battery

Quite economical, light and cheap to buy and run. However they have a limited range when compared to their petrol driven counterparts and their performance is considered under the benchmark.


Typical Price Range: 60,000 to 150,000 baht brand new.

ATV - 110 to 150 cc

ATV 110cc & 125cc

The petrol driven ATV or Quad is quite a handy comprimise between the battery driven model and the bigger models (250cc upwards). Fuel and performance are both reasonable.

ATV - 250 cc and above

ATV 250cc

This type of ATV is had increased performance (at the expense of fuel economy) but is well suited for on and off road driving. It has increased weight but is usually capable of carrying a rider and pillion passenger comfortably.

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